A trend that became quite apparent in 2017 is that the most well known stars flock to the 443 Greenwich St. in New York in order to … “Escape”. This apartment building in the famous TriBeCa neighborhood has been designed keeping in mind that the celebrities are usually hunted by paparazzi flashes. In addition to the luxury that provide an indoor pool of 71 square meters, the luxurious fitness center, the Turkish bath, the temperature-controlled greenhouse, and the landscaped 5000 m² roof terrace, the whole building is famous for being protected from the public eye!

Meg Ryan, Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel and Jennifer Lawrence are only some of the great names that have lived in this housing complex.

Turn your space into a tropical paradise!

Jungle or tropical prints are the latest trend in design by combining decoration with natural elements. Textures and wallpapers with tropical motifs embellish your area, transforming it into a relaxing oasis or tropical island, reminiscent of beautiful memories of past summers. The bedroom, the bathroom, the guest or any other small space can be transformed into an exotic paradise, giving vivacity through explosions of colors. A wallpaper with a tropical motif can instantly change the aesthetics of a space as it causes the feeling of exploration, giving the sense to the person entering the space that it enters into a dense jungle.


The classic print with palm leaves is widespread in decoration as it has been used by designers for decades. A remarkable case was in 1942 when Don Loper, a renowned Hollywood decorator, “cloaked” the walls of the Beverly Hills Hotel with this typical tropical banana wallpaper. Seventy-five years later, replicas of this particular wallpaper can be found on the surfaces of furniture even in Dolce & Gabbana dresses, proving that the tropical motif as a trend remains always up-to-date and fashionable.

Mix & match and easily combine tropical patterns with furniture made of natural materials and with colors such as gold, green, red, blue and shades. Renew your space instantly by adopting this trend and enjoy an exotic getaway while staying in your own home!

Chinoiserie: Bring China to your Home!

Emblematic items that stand out! The “Chinoiserie” style is a decoration trend with influences from Chinese aesthetics of the 17th and 18th centuries. Exquisite furniture, bright blue porcelain decorative pieces, silk fabrics, Chinese motifs and furniture with lacquered finishes are the dominant features of this trend.

The story of the Chinoiserie motifs is deeply related to Chinese culture and its influence on European style. Bold florals combined with 18th-century furniture items and gold-plated, porcelain or porcelain items give to the room a touch of romance and an exotic style at the same time.

The “Chinoiserie” decoration is mainly used in conjunction with the Baroque and Rococo styles, and although its motifs look quire bold, they can be combined with a wide variety of colors. “Chinoiserie” prints remain a constant value in the interior design, adding classy style and unparalleled elegance to every space.

Rust color: the new trend in color!

The selection and combination of colors is undoubtedly a key element in interior design. Each year, top names in the furniture industry reveal their new collections and trends in modern colors at one of the biggest design events, the famous Salone Del Mobile, held in Milan. The most famous furniture brands are considered to be pioneers in the use of color, presenting collections that define emerging color trends. Although each brand has a unique and creative way to apply and combine the different shades in each new collection, there are always some dominant trendy colors.

One of the colors that dominated the Salone Del Mobile Milan 2017 was “rust color”, the color of “rust” or “cognac” as we would call the combination of red-orange and brown.

The inspirations of this trend were the new furniture and fabrics collections as well as the architecture of the city of Milan. This shade is particularly easy to combine with other furniture while spreading a sense of energy and an elegant touch in the space.