In Supreme Space, the decoration is a multidimensional process, a game of senses with the ultimate goal of making a unique visual work of high aesthetics.

Each space is a challenge, a white canvas. In Supreme Space, we believe that, in order to respond to such challenges, knowledge, passion for design & architecture, experience, creative look & update for all new trends are required. The elegant pieces that we propose, are a combination of modern shapes, distinct lines and colors that will compose  and give the ultimate luxury lifestyle feeling in your space.

The product range of Supreme Space includes timeless & new pieces of unrivaled design and quality from branded brands and designers from abroad, from a variety of furniture to lighting.

Our expertise in high-end products stems from the company’s 22-year experience in interior design and from the constant search for global trends. Our collections are carefully selected with taste, filtering trends and conclude to those suggestions that are meaningful and well aplied to Greek reality, with denominators the elegance, the style and the highest quality standards.

Our experienced team visits exhibitions around the world and is constantly looking for the most up-to-date, stylish and state-of-the-art premium brands. Our goal is to create modern, stylish and innovative spaces with a view that reflects the most of their possibilities, satisfying to the full extent even the most demanding tastes.

Supreme Space: where Elegancy meets Experience